A Bridal Collection Inspired by Indian & Middle Eastern Roots // Naveda Couture by Amy Devan

A Bridal Collection Inspired by Indian & Middle Eastern Roots // Naveda Couture by Amy Devan

Amy Devan is bringing the culture of India & The Middle East back into the Westernized fashion world with a purpose — and this time it’s for the brides! For centuries, the Westernized world has embraced and adapted the glitz and glamour of our colorful ways. Hollywood, the Fashion industry, and the Food industry have all been inspired by Eastern culture. Amy Devan is tapping into this inspiration to create stunning couture.

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NAVEDA, mary grace wilson, bridal, weddings

Last week, Amy Devan, the designer behind NAVEDA Couture, invited me to a special viewing where she showcased a bridal collection inspired by her roots:

The collection is inspired by the Kahani — and that translates to folklore stories. It’s inspired by the heroine in those stories. Each piece is named after one of those heroes representing love, strength, beauty, and more.

NAVEDA, mary grace wilson, bridal collection, indian

I spoke with Amy, the talent behind NAVEDA Couture and she shared her inspiration which derived from a way to coordinate Indian and non-Indian traditions into our Westernized world. Amy’s advice for brides is to try to find pieces that are beautiful and representative of you and your culture on your wedding day AND in general so you can pair your pieces moving forward and they don’t just sit there — they’re an investment and being able to use them beyond your wedding day is value.

In the Indian and Middle Eastern cultures we have fun with colors, beads, and details. Our brides don’t just drape in white but in greens, blues, reds, purples, and more! Color represents a good omen for us — we appreciate the effects it brings and most of the time you can count on it making you feel HAPPY.

I like the idea of reusing pieces. I find ways of making bridal pieces more expansive with Western and Indian silhouettes.


NAVEDA, mary grace wilson

I love the way she keeps things classy with just enough culture to differentiate her look from the others. Her model Mary Grace Wilson looked stunning in her attire — I loved the details of her top & the Aladdin pants are amazing!

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If you’d like to explore her collection, or to discuss custom pieces, contact her at naveda@navedacouture.com!



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