A Few of My Favorite Things ║ The 4 Essentials For Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

A Few of My Favorite Things ║ The 4 Essentials For Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

Life…when one project is done it seems like there’s 3 more that reveal themselves. There’s a beauty to this engine we use to get us through good and bad times. A bottle of wine with good friends is always a good remedy, BUT for the things I need most to keep my mind, body, and soul at ease daily, these are a few of my everyday essentials that help me get through my week.

➀ The Vibe

I’m so glad I can ditch the stress of the city and replace it with something more soothing for my mind and home! I love Linda Lauren’s The Vibe ™ Room Energy Clearing Spray because when it comes to setting the right mood at home, first I need to get rid of the bad energy I may have brought in with me. It’s a full impact world I’m exposed to daily, this helps calm the room. Even Jeff loves it!

The Vibe ™ Room Energy Clearing Spray is the result of years of experimentation to find the right combination of essential oils, herbs and family recipes to use as a means to clear negative energy from a space.


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The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray- Reiki Infused for only $7.95


➁ The Lux Puff

Scrubbing never felt this good! This is a bath puff that offers a soft, microfiber washcloth surface as well as a gentle, exfoliating loofah surface. It’s infused with Polygiene, an all-natural silver salt which blocks the growth of 99.96% of bacteria. The best kind of loofah out there, I even travel with this!

I tend to use the white microfiber part on my face. It’s gentle on my eyes and the the microfiber is a great type of cloth to use for removing dirt from pores. Keep your face happy & fresh!


➂ Light Cotton Towel Set from Far and Wide Collective

Go cotton folks! I love this towel set from Far & Wide Collective because it’s the perfect length, fabric, and fits my needs — I use it to dry my hair + the cotton fabric helps tame my unwanted frizz. These towels are just the best for your skin, hair, and in my case travel needs as well. I take them every place I travel to because why not? They are light enough to pack and essential enough to bring! I don’t like using other peoples towels.

Get yours here and remember to use promo code WHATTHEDOOST for 15% off!

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➃ Key West Aloe lotion for me & the shaving kit for Jeff. It’s our everyday go to.

Key West Aloe is the only product made that has the most amount of real Aloe in its ingredients & it works every time! My skin feels softer, fresher, and those annoying spots from my occasional eczema are vanishing. The aftershave is ON POINT for gents. Jeff and I have experimented with quite a few and we LOVE the results of this, I say we because I very much benefit from that soft skin, no stubble! Feel the difference with Key West Aloe, the largest selection of Aloe based beauty products, direct to you from Florida!


These make great gifts for the holiday — especially in sets! Or better yet, treat yo’ self  ツ