Crank it Up NYC!

Crank it Up NYC!

Getting back in shape isn’t a walk through the park — it can be a roller coaster. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need more than just motivation and determination — I basically need someone to fool me in having a good time in order to consistently stick to a routine and thanks to Crank NYC I may have found that match 

This month the WtD crew and I were invited to check out a new type of spinning class with a twist — a soul cycling, dancing one. This is like a whole new category of sports using cycling, choreography, and upper body strength.

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I loved the cycling shoes they provided because there were definite times I almost fell off my bike — it was so intense! The crew and I agreed we haven’t sweated like this … in less than an hour … ever.

The entire process felt like a team effort — and surprisingly there wasn’t a moment where I thought “oh man, I can’t do this!” — instead I was all about the determination. Also, side note: a lot of preggos participate and I can see why — with that said, there was a lovely pregnant woman sitting in front of me and from the instant I spotted her I thought “if she can do then so can I!!”

And boy, I did 

Ellie Eagle was our master instructor — I couldn’t believe the amount of energy and determination she brought out of me! The way Ellie moved the class was everything!!


They have 3 different types of rides, but I highly recommend their Exhilarate class which has been compared to a Soul Cycle class but even better according to many riders. See their full monthly schedule here! 

crank nyc, elle eagle, doost, fitness, ues, wtd

Crank Cycle has two studios; one in Long Island and the other convenient for New Yorkers on the Upper East Side.  At Crank NYC, their motto is a family centric one;

We believe that all our clients are family and that we change lives in all aspects of life.


Join the #crankfamily, we would love to have you!

Crank NYC  — Apply crank-doost for an additional 20% off discount!

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Located at 1658 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128 — corner of 93rd Street

Phone: (212) 289-1110