Rock Star Summer Stylin' with Jill Firns

Rock Star Summer Stylin’ with Jill Firns

So, I’m curious. How many of you have ever put much thought into the different ways you dress throughout the week?

Do you ever get stuck in the morning while deciding what to wear to work, for the reason that you can’t wear what you would actually prefer to wear? Not many of us dress the way we would ultimately choose to represent ourselves while at our places of work. A few of us do have the luxury, or perhaps those who work retail at the store that they already shop at are content. But I am often not.

Here’s the thing about me: I couldn’t even begin to tell you what my true personal style is. It’s mostly comfortable, frequently involves denim, and involves a lot of black and leopard print. I do have color in my closet, but it can be quite loud and funky. Trying to find a way to mesh all my favorite items together can be rather frustrating. I don’t want to end up looking like a walking hot mess!

I spent some time thinking about the trends I love the most: leopard print, skinny jeans, carefree tops, pointlessly tall heels, scarves, statement hair, band tees… and I came to a rather sudden conclusion that I’m vibin’ on the rock star style.

summer rock star style

Meow. It seems like leopard will always be “in,” and has completely beaten out any other type of animal print in popularity. Also, if Keith Richards can do it, so can I, duh. I love the sheer leopard kimono because I just adore layers. I don’t own leopard leggings, but I can definitely see them entering my wardrobe quite soon…

Hair doesn’t have to be just your hair. It can be used to complete, complement, or control your look. For me, I am really enjoying keeping it an unnatural color and keeping it messy. Just enough to make it look “lived in.” That alone takes a little bit of work, but I’m getting good at it. And by the time you see this post, I’ll have a new cut and fresh color to play with! Don’t forget layers. Jackets on top of wild prints and patterns. Throw it all on and go.

summer rock star style

Ah, the band tee. Now here’s where I get a little picky. I have a small yet growing collection, but it’s all to do with bands/musicians I have always listened to and loved. I can be a little brat sometimes. I’ll be honest about it. I don’t know why… but I think it’s almost blasphemous to wear a band’s shirt because it’s trendy. Target sells them. Walmart has them. At least listen to the band, and buy an original. Maybe that makes me a jerk. But I’ll stick to my guns and defend the real thing!

Keep on the lookout for evidence of my turn to rock star style status. What’s your take on band tees? How do you let your inner rock star out?!

Jill Ferns Doost