Fall in Love ❤ Styling with My Favorite Nail Colors by Essie

Fall in Love ❤ Styling with My Favorite Nail Colors by Essie

Fall in Love


Last weekend I decided to look into some fall beauty trends and I took a trip up North to Connecticut to collaborate with one of the toughest, best, and most precise critics I know,  Nadia Uvarova.

 Our mind’s were wrapped around the new seasons trends in fashion, accessories, and Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection!

With Essie I never waist time choosing a color at the nail salon and why should you? Yes I get the craze of all the beautiful colors lined up but think about it, where has that nail brush been?

Here’s why I take my Essie to-go:

  1. In case your nail chips, you have the convenience of having the bottle at home so you can retouch instead of having to lug back to the salon and wait for assistance. Let’s face it, it happens. And that one chipped nail makes the difference.
  2. It’s also a great way to avoid getting chipped nails sooner. Often times, at any given nail salon, to preserve a nail color they add acetone to it which yes has its own benefits but for the most part this means you’re prone to chipped nails faster which means more visits to the nail salon.

By bringing my own bottle, I like to think I’m #winning it =)

Right now my go to is the Style Cartel because its the perfect blue. My favorite color to wear is navy but when it comes to nail color I’ve had a difficult time finding the right match. But the Style Cartel puts the rest to shame. It’s classy with a twist. On a lighter note, Take It Outside by Essie is my Fall go to sophistication color.


*product provided by Essie, opinions are my own*