Favorite Few Ways to Gain Allies

Favorite Few Ways to Gain Allies

Favorite Few Ways of Gaining Allies

Navigating the world is easier if you have an army of people on your side. So how do you obtain these allies. These are my favorite few ways to get people rooting for team you.

1.  Be kind. People will respect you if you respect them. From the guy on the street corner to the CEO of a fortune 500, a person is a person. If you see yourself in them, in any way, you can find a way to be kind and respectful to them. People respond well to positive energy.

2. There is the risk that people will take be kind, as be a push over. So it’s important to remember to stand in your own truth. A stand is not an immovable wall, rather, it is a base from which you and those you are interacting with can grow from. People trust you more if you come from a clear direction. So you gain allies by being confident, competent, and strong.

3.  With any stance you take there is always a chance that whomever you are dealing with will not see things your way. So the key to making your relationship work is through your listening. If you automatically go on the defensive you are closing yourself and the other off to the possibility of growth together. Listening will be your strength. We all love to be heard.

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