Malan Breton takes us to Taiwan at Mercedes Benz NYFW SS2015 *Backstage Access*

Malan Breton takes us to Taiwan at Mercedes Benz NYFW SS2015 *Backstage Access*

… Malan Breton was named number 24 of the top 100 most popular people in entertainment, for his work in fashion, and costume …

-In January of 2014 by IMDB, Malan Breton

My favorite place at the Lincoln Center during the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week is backstage. Such a hectic scene filled with beautiful people, styling outfits and I don’t just mean the attire that’s about to walk down the runway.

I didn’t have the my photographer with me and during my coverage I was asked to get into hair & make-up at least 5 times including by Malan Breton. *honored*!

There’s an ora of good energy around, kind of like a halo over the Lincoln Center. Maybe it’s the magic and talents or maybe it’s these beautiful people who are so often misjudged as pricks, conceded, or even stuck up. But as I stroll through the halls, everyone’s being kind and looking out for each other.

Backstage at Malan Breton‘s show, all the fun preparations were happening. The models are at all nooks of the corner socializing, resting, lots of eating and hey there’s even chess matches!

 Malan Breton finalizes the looks with care <3

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Breton, currently resides in New York City. He has been designing since the age of 11 and is known for his signature detailing, and fabrics.

The show starts off with a traditional Asian dance, brilliantly thought out with every detail mirroring what’s to come. The set for a culture experience begins!

The live band, also dressed in rich cultural Taiwanese attire, take the center of the runway. Malan Breton doesn’t just show you his creation, but he tells a story of how his inspiration came to be.

The looks are modern day meets centuries of Taiwanese culture. The blend of the styles truly gives me goosebumps.

Check out the show, click below ❤️