Your Yoga Pose According to the Stars

Your Yoga Pose According to the Stars

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Whether you’re a yogi, horoscope junkie, astrology lover, or curious like me, this post is for you. I believe in the power of yoga and that it’s combined with our Universe. So when I came across this article Your Yoga Horoscope: What poses suit your sign on Refinery 29, I just had to share it!!

Turns out this isn’t new, and Diane Booth Gilliam explains how in her new book Yogastrology where she explores the connection between yoga poses and star signs. 

I reunited yoga and astrology by aligning yoga and wellness practices with the natural rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars.

Diane Booth Gilliam

Um YES PLEASE! I’m a Gemini and the pose is so on point for me! Which yoga pose suits your sign best??

Sign: Gemini (22 May–21 June) you loving soul YOU! Check out your full horoscope here with Susan Miller. This is a great time for you!

Pose: You take on a lot of responsibility at once, which is great—but not for your shoulders, with all that weight resting on them. Take a load off with bow pose, cobra pose, and downward facing dog.

Famous Gemini Yogi: Kathryn Budig

Gemini celeb yogi Kathryn Budig. (Photo: Stark Photography)

Gemini celeb yogi Kathryn Budig. (Photo: Stark Photography)

Sign: Aries (March 21–April 20) oh Aries! Check out your sweet horoscope with Susan Miller here.

Poses: Oh Aries, always the first one in line—sometimes you need to learn how to relax. Try a calming standing forward bend, head-to-knee pose, and savasana.

Famous Aries Yogi: Marlize Joubert

Sign: Taurus (21 April–21 May) my extraordinary stubborn loving Taurus, check your bright future with Susan Miller here! 

mittra_headstand1Pose: Let’s be real, are you ever a tad bull-headed? Cow pose, cat pose, and bridge can help you release pent up stress in the head, neck, and shoulders. (Or you could just balance on it, like Sri Dharma Mittra. Just an idea!)

Famous Taurus Yogi: Dharma Mittra

Don’t see your sign here? No worries, click HERE for the full article!

Namaste <3