The Dream Builders Project: A Brighter Future for Children

The Dream Builders Project: A Brighter Future for Children

Mayer Dahan, The Dream Builders Project Giving back should be part of your plan.

-Mayer Dahan, Founder of The Dream Builders Project & CEO of Dahan Properties

The beautiful thing about one’s dream is that when it’s carried out, paths of opportunities are created and within each one lies many more to follow. Meet the faces behind The Dream Builders Project. A caring group of visionaries seeking a better future by taking action today. It’s a charity for charities.

On Friday March 15, 2014 I attended their event, “A Brighter Future for Children,” a fundraiser for The Audrey Hepburn CARES Center at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. A charity that helps provide “services for suspected victims of child abuse and their families.” They choose this charity for a number of reasons: They understand the value of educating children, they reach out near and far, they inspire the local community to help, and they have hope for the future. To read more HERE.

They celebrated a good cause the way LA-ers do it: combining a good time with a good cause.  At the House of Music & Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) in Beverly Hills, guests filled the space with enthusiasm and big hearts.

We talked to artists and designers there to support and help spread the inspiration.

DBPLA held an auction to raise funds, DesignSpillz presented live art by Kelly Hogan, Gretta Kruesi and The Black Light King.

Beautiful performances were given by talented artists Desi Valentine, Alix and Kris Angelis, violinist Rachel Grace, and Joshua Ledet from American Idol sang All of Me by John Legend.

We spoke with Black Light King, a.k.a. Arturo, who helped the charity by donating his live painting skills and the $1,200 that was raised by selling the painting. He began his work in Downtown LA and specializes in neon murals and mixed media art. All of his work glows under a backlight, and will blow your mind when you see it in 3-D. Arturo expresses the harsh truth of how society often doesn’t encourage art.

“Even our relatives put us artist down, when you say you want to be an artist they shut you down and come up with the word ‘starving,’ ‘starving artists’” -Arturo

In response to which he encourages kids to follow their heart by being creative and to step outside the box.

“It was natural for me to draw a kid searching for peace and using his heart to look for the light and reach to the dove of peace” – Arturo

We also had the chance to talk to Audra Marie Rodriguez who’s inspiration has been in fashion ever since she was a little girl.  She explains how she wants to help kids in low income families have the chance to be in trend to help their confidence and one day wants to start a non-profit organization.

“I understand it’s hard to be in trend for some families low income…I was adopted at 18 months so I am grateful, but led me to really have a heart for children.”

Dream Builders project is inspired by Ronald Reagan’s quote:

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

We encourage you to donate today, because every contribution counts!