Get Your Closet Ready For The Cold with David Barranger

WTD readers, I would like to introduce myself as your new fashion guru. Allow me to embark with you into the World of Fashion where we explore the connection between style and personality.

When you think of cold weather and fashion, what do you think of? I think of what keeps me warm and cozy, yet something that will bring out the inner me like fur, wool, or cashmere. I think self-expression and comfort are important especially in the cold season. Dare to be bold and thoughtful!

This is me wearing an artificial fur coat because ladies and gents I love my animals alive 😉 Make a statement and be bold! Own your style and let it reflect your personality because YOU are important! Let yourself shine!!

David Barranger

David Barranger

Check out your local vintage shops or visit Buffalo Exchange & Beacon’s Closet if you’re in NY.

Glad to be part of the WTD team! Any questions you have comment below and I will be at your service.