5 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Buzzfeed recently compiled a list of the most essential traveling accessories to make your life easier. I chose the top 5 must haves as well as included the link for these items.

1. Inflatable Hoodie Pillow, $20

Because the seats are built to never satisfy and the room temperature isn’t always to your liking.

Inflatable Hoodie Pillow, $20

From Amazon

2. 4 USB Roll-Up Travel Charger, $49

Have it all in one!

4 USB Roll-Up Travel Charger, $49

From Restoration Hardware

3. Packing Compression Packs, $46

Because air is space too and the more room for your belongings the better.

Packing Compression Packs, $46

From Flight 001

4. Travel Bag Insert, $13

Make it easy on yourself. Use the right amount of space and know where your belongings are.

Travel Bag Insert, $13

From Wrapables

5. Inflatable Checked Luggage Wine Bag, $25

Because you deserve it!!

Inflatable Checked Luggage Wine Bag, $25

From Vinni Bag

For the full list check out Buzzfeed’s 21 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier.

My lovely readers!! What is your travel must have?? Please share/comment below =)