Meet Luie Luna


In Darkness there is always Light

They say you can learn a lot about a man from a conversation. It carries truth and only if we listen with a un-judgemental heart and open ear. But is the very first thing that engaged you in conversation still the most interesting aspect of that person? They say wine gets better with age, yes! So do friendships and sometimes conversations.

Meet Luie Luna. He inspires me. From a single conversation he presented me a wonderful and miraculous world.

Luie has done something incredible with his time. Instead of fighting the brick wall life threw in his path, he found a way to overcome it. Luie doesn’t complain, speak ill or pity his situation. He’s quick to praise and show gratitude in all the wonderful people that surround him.

He’s taken a negative aspect and found the most positive solution he could. His art will leave behind a legacy long after he’s gone. His ability to connect with strangers will forever remain. And his kind heart will always shine on, especially in the dark.

I met 37-year-old artist Luie Luna on my way to the city at the East River Ferry Terminal near North 6th st., Williamsburg Brooklyn. He was setting up to paint, a regular spot of his. And taking in all inspiration when I got captivated by his talents.

“I get inspired when people look at my drawings. Peoples energy’s makes me want to paint even more.” -LL

Luie Luna

Luie has about 11 paintings, some still incomplete. The details on his pieces are beautifully intricate. There is something particularly familiar about the details in his paintings. Every piece is unrelated yet tied together, simultaneously.

Luie’s dreams are full of new and familiar faces. There are a few in particular that come as he seeks guidance. He keeps a book next to his bed to write as much as his memory allows him to.

The longer we spoke the more truth was shared. Conversation is a beautiful aspect of life and knowledge. That is why they say ‘communication is key’ in everything.

He shared that the ‘real’ reason he moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn is because he has been diagnosed with AIDS. Being at a high number, he became too weak to take care of himself and was taken in by his brother and kind family. He is originally from Ozone Park, which he described as a ‘bad neighborhood’ near the JFK Airport.

Luie could barely walk two months ago and I like to think painting cured him.

“When you have AIDS… thinking about death… everything in you changes.”

“Something was telling me to paint.”

That ‘something’ took away the migraines he was feeling. Painting was his escape from the hurt and unknown.

“When I started painting my migraines would go away. When I stopped painting, my migraines would come back.”

Luie Luna

Luie Luna overlooking NYC

Luie Luna

Luie Luna

Time to wake up!

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Luie Luna’s tools

Luie Luna wasn’t an artistic kid growing up. But in April of 2012, when something told him to paint, his friend took him to Pearl Paint in Manhattan. On a budget he was able to find a canvas on sale but the paint was too expensive. So wandering around the store for what seemed like hours, he came across oil based Sharpie Paint Pens. The perfect tool for his oh so real imagination.

He adds, “The only thing I seem to pay attention to are my paintings.”

We love you Luie Luna!!! You changed my life for the better =)