A Tourist in My Own Town

Dare to step outside of your comfort zone. Even if that means just walking down your neighbors street. I’m a believer that anything is possible if one believes it is. If that mind-set is truly crazy then none of the technology we use today would exist. Instead I would be drawing symbols of my thoughts on rocks. The other night M rose said to me, ‘I am a tourist in my own town.’ Still gives me chills repeating it. Why? Because it’s the most purest joy she creates for herself. Why can’t we all?! And most importantly, this isn’t something I want to forget.. again.

So yesterday, without intention, I let my soul lead my direction and I ended up connecting to my roots. To the place I recall my earliest human memory, Germany. I was heading to Midtown’s Hilton Penthouse when from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something charming. Without knowing why, I had to cross the street. Somehow, in the middle on Manhattan lay these five original sections of the Berlin Wall. The wall use to mark the border between East and West Berlin.

Artists; Thierry Noir & Kiddy Citny

Artists; Thierry Noir & Kiddy Citny

The Berlin Wall

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