Recipe for Aashak the Afghan Styled Dumplings

Recipe for Aashak the Afghan Styled Dumplings

The more my taste buds indulge into different cultures the more similarities I connect. One of them is that each nation has their own version of dumplings. A pocket of dough stuffed with savory or sweets. Like ravioli, pierogi’s, samosas, and Amish apple dumplings which are just a few to name. My favorite is Afghan style 👅💦 Manto and Aashak.

Mantu is more beef based and more difficult to make, using a special pot. Whereas Aashak is a combination of greens, meat and simpler to make.

Recipe for Aashak: 
  • Use leeks or green onions and finely chop. Go ahead use an electrical chopper — time is money.
  • Put in 1-2 tablespoons of salt, which is used to make the leeks release its water.
  • Once you mix, you’ll notice water puddling on the bottom of the bowl which means you’re doing it right. Now transfer that into a strainer and get ready to put your hands to work.
Use Chinese dumpling dough, preferably the round ones. Measure using a teaspoon of leeks and place it in the middle of the dough. Fold one side over and use water lightly to seal the edges. You don’t want to use too much leeks because the dumpling will fall apart when you’re boiling them in water. As well as not too much water while sealing the edges, the same will happen.

Fill up the pot and gently start placing the dumplings inside. As soon as you see the dumplings float onto the top and bloat you’ll know they’re ready to be transferred over. Approximately 5 minutes. And you repeat until they’ve all been boiled.

The dumplings need to be strained before placing them on the platter.

Top it off with Kormeh, Maus, hot oil and dried fresh mint and Enjoy!!

Kormeh: sauté onions then add garlic. Add the ground beef. For vegetarian substitute the beef with beans. Mix well then add tomato paste and water. Use spices of choice.

Tips: for some excellency add Maust to the platter before you add the cooked dumplings and once more before you add the Kormeh and again on top.

Then Enjoy 🍴👅💦