Me, My Dog & FitBark



Ever ask yourself ‘How can I make this world a better place?’ The guys at FitBark sure did. With the idea to help humans understand their dogs better, Davide Rossi invented FitBark. “It’s about the lifestyle of dogs.”

Michael Chiang co-founder of FitBark adds, “this helps humans understand dogs better.” It’s a bone shaped tracker that records your dog’s daily activity which can be checked any time by simply using an app on your phone. Chiang adds that it is time “to give them back the amazing joy they provide to us every moment.”

Today marks the launch of the world’s first tiniest wireless tracking device for dogs on KickStarter. Within the first 90 minutes FitBark reached half their goal. At about $28K, with two more hours left to the first day, the success is skyrocketing.

Chiang expresses that they “want to get FitBark on as many dogs as possible.” Which will open up endless possibilities.

The health benefits start from activity travel, an idea of your dogs lifestyle which has never been collected before.

The team wants to learn from the data that is collected, analyze it and start identifying trends. As a result, work with vets to provide a healthier lifestyle for their dogs.

“Wearable computing is more relative for dogs than for humans because of the fact that you can’t ask your dog how he’s doing,” adds Chiang.

The goal will cover the cost of the manufacturing. But to go beyond the $35K goal will benefit the product and research. “There’s a lot of room to grow with this device,” says Rossi. With more funding, new and more options become available to make this product as functional and useful as possible. The idea is to make it easy for dog owners to better understand their pets.

Why do more entrepreneurs choose America as a platform? Rossi, an Italian native, shares that entrepreneurship is friendlier here.”A need to find a place where I could really be able to build something finding the right ecosystem and right tools.” He felt that his business would grow best here with the right team to nurture the goal to the top.  “Quantified Woof”

“How do we take this to becoming a main stream item?” Asks Rossi ..with a little help from his friends WOOF!

Selling for as little as $59 dollars on Kickstarter come be part of the early dog special!! Right now available in barking blue. Woof!

“Live. Love. Wag!” Wise words from Michael Chiang