The Breakdown of Self Care Tuesday's with KKM → Kat, Krista & Maria

The Breakdown of Self Care Tuesday’s with KKM → Kat, Krista & Maria

Self-Care Tuesdays with KKM is a podcast about three women with different lifestyles raising awareness on the importance of self-care to reach one’s highest potential.

When you take care of yourself — you’re then able to take care of the ones that mean the most to you. Many of us are givers, we tend to worry more about others before we worry about ourselves. But in order to give your best, you must be good to YOU too.

This podcast will help find you balance; Self Care Tuesdays with KKM is a biweekly podcast with Kathryn Serrano, Krista Nerestant, and Maria Mayoralgo. 

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But 1st → Who are they?

Kathryn Serrano is a New York City-based life coach, strategic marketing consultant, and founder of A motivational platform that strives to inspire people to reignite their core and fulfill their highest purpose, both personally and professionally. She is a loving mother and wife. Actively involved in the community and, together with her husband, manage their 3 sons’ careers and interests with Wilhelmina Models.

➁ Krista Nerestant has built a successful enterprise being the owner of Salon Crimson and Self-ish Lifestyle Therapy. She’s a board member of Save the Essex and an investor for the popular restaurant, Ani Ramen. Under her umbrella, Krista uses her extensive talents to raise awareness and helps her clients harness the power of self. She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Program Coach, Psychic/Medium and Qi Healer Therapist. A mother to a miracle baby, who doctors only gave a 7% chance of getting pregnant. A wife to a supportive and loving husband, and most importantly, an EMPOWERED woman.

In addition, Krista is a Motivational Speaker and member of Latina Surge, MFONJ,, Writers Circle and MWG. She is currently writing a book set for publication early 2018 called Survival Mode – Child abuse, traumas and how I healed by tapping into the sixth senses.

Maria Mayoralgo is a New York City-based writer and digital strategist. She is the creator of How I Met (Your Brand), a Q&A series dedicated to sharing the career journey of women to provide guidance and inspiration. She’s also writing a book (working title: “Eventually“) about overcoming self-imposed limitations.

Her writings have been published on LinkedIn, Thought Catalog, and CANVSart.

These ladies each bring a caring and professional approach to each topic. They get real, raw, and sometimes daring; all with the intention of inspiring their viewers to establish their best self. The importance of being good to one’s self in order to be good to others with professional advice and personal experience.

 ⋅Interview with KKM·

Doost:  What are some of the topics your viewers can expect this season?

Kat: Some topics you can expect to hear revolve around; writing as a form of self-care, how letting go is a necessary tool in order to move forward, and how important it is to have a vision in order to execute goals. Including vice versa, on how it’s important to have goals in order to execute a vision. All of which are important in self-caring that you may not even realize.

Our listeners will learn about tools they can use to help with their self-care. We’ll be sharing what we’re currently doing and more importantly, they’ll realize that self-care is an ongoing thing that may come easier to others. Our goal is to keep our listeners accountable, inspired and encouraged to keep self-care a priority for themselves.

Krista: Healing from traumas, growing in relationships – whether it’s romantic, parent/child, familial, friendship, etc.. Understanding what’s beyond the five senses and incorporating your sixth senses of clairvoyance, claircognizance, Clairaudience, and clairsentience. In addition to step into the role or purpose you’re meant to do here in this earth school.

Maria: Our listeners can expect topics around self-mastery. Whether you’re overcoming challenges or celebrating successes – everything boils down to self-control: monitoring thoughts, words, actions, and habits; it’s all about aligning what you think, feel, say, and do with the highest version of yourself because it isn’t what you’re going through, but how you’re approaching it.

Whether you’re overcoming challenges or celebrating successes – everything boils down to self-control: monitoring thoughts, words, actions, and habits; it’s all about aligning what you think, feel, say, and do with the highest version of yourself because it isn’t what you’re going through, but how you’re approaching it.

We’re here to share our experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly, the scary) to inspire others to live their truth and enrich their lives by starting from within. As the saying goes, before you can take care of anybody, you have to take care of yourself first.


And then there’s → Why are you doing this?

Kat:  I am doing this to spread love and to be a resource for our listeners. Self-care was something I learned over time and continue to learn/practice. I believe that the importance of self-care is something that needs to be talked about and shared. If this podcast can help someone else who doesn’t have the time but made the time because of something we’re sharing on our podcast, then why not. If we all gave our best selves, what would that look like? I’d like to think that if we all self-cared, maybe one day we’d find out.

Krista: I do this because I love humanity and I believe in every single human who wants to rise from the ugliness their experiences have thrown at them. My purpose for this podcast is to help you see the resources that are already within or around you so that you are to your best and highest good.  By opening my own past, I cast the brightest light on the positive resources that people have within. To help wake up that part of themselves.

Maria: My pastime includes working on three passion projects around self-empowerment: How I Met (Your Brand) (online Q&A series), Eventually (book), and this podcast. Self-Care Tuesdays is in sync with my true north to help people realize their potential – and most importantly, do something about it. Everyone has a story to tell; one-third of this podcast is my story, but I’m no means an authority on how one should live. What I do know is that I’ve made choices (good ones, not-so good ones) and mistakes (plenty of mistakes) – and each one came with a valuable lesson that I hope will resonate with our listeners.

So let’s talk What can people expect from Self Care Tuesday’s with KKM? 

Real, raw, heartfelt and educational resources along with personal life experiences.

Wonderful! Tell us → Where can people expect to find your podcast?

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