How My Addiction to Coffee Has Improved My Health│ Feeling Bulletproof

How My Addiction to Coffee Has Improved My Health│ Feeling Bulletproof

It all started with a big box arriving to my doorstep. Ah. The convenience of delivery that automatically puts a smile on my face. Because you know it’s not a bill or an annoying ad.

But a gift waiting to be opened ♥ hello Bulletproof Coffee

The reason I wanted to try Bulletproof is because one → let’s be real, I’m addicted to coffee and wouldn’t pass up on this opportunity. Two, I also have an addiction to things that are good for me. As I’m always curious to find ways that better my health and lifestyle. Bulletproof’s Coffee is uniquely different as their coffee is blended with grass-fed unsalted butter and brain octane oil. Therefore, I stress when I say — It feels good fueling off of healthy fats in my body. Because just like Lorelai…

Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.

A Year in the Life

So I set out on a 7 day coffee routine with Bulletproof. And yes I know what you’re wondering … and the answer is yes. Yes I am completely bulletproof now.

But before I get started, I should explain what I myself didn’t know — the 2 greatest ingredients (aside from caffeine of course) that are amongst the Bulletproof brand — which are octane oil and ghee. You may ask — like I did — What are those??? Here’s the breakdown, simply put:

  • What is brain octane oil? It’s a quick source of reliable energy from fat (not sugar) and it supports cognitive performance. Which means, this helps you burn fat. Bulletproof Coffee Brain Octane Oil contains 16x the healthy fats of Coconut oil and improves your health and energy with regular use. I felt the effects instantaneously!
  • What is ghee? Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India and is commonly used in South Asian, Iranian and Arabic cuisines, traditional medicine, and religious rituals. (Thanks Wikipedia). This is the healthy butter you should be toasting your jam to.

Day 1 ↓

This holiday season Bulletproof is all about encouraging us to #ElevateTheSeason → a good taste to a good cause. I was’t sure what to expect. But lucky for me, when I received the package my cousin, Fawad Doost, was in town and raved about how Bulletproof is what Joe Rogan and the gang drink on his morning show, every time. So with excitement my journey to a 7 day coffee change routine began….

Day 2 ↓

The first thing I do when I wake up is have a glass of water. Followed by coffee ♥ Delicious, smooth, energy boosting coffee. For breakfast, I tend to go for sweeter options. But the past couple days, things have changed → maybe it’s the brain boosting octane oil that has me thinking straight because I tend to be choosing healthier breakfast options than I had before. Which is so unlike me → hello. it’s the holiday season. But starting with a healthier breakfast makes me crave less throughout my day. I call this #winning.

Day 3 ↓

I’m a believer that any physical activity helps burn stress. And that’s not just because the good people at Bulletproof told me that. Since they’re low in toxins and high in performance — we mesh very well!

I try to work out as much as I can but I find doing chores, running around because of my to-do list, and just simply taking a stroll in my neighborhood help keep me active. Therefore, I’m not just burning stress but also burning calories (go away unwanted fat!).

Day 4 ↓

I really enjoy the message Bulletproof aligns itself with → #ElevateTheSeason. So with the holiday spirit at heart, I spent Sunday being productive instead of my usual chill mode only vibes.

Day 5 ↓

As stress sometimes gets the best of us → I encourage you to find your moment of peace and quiet … on any given day, but especially on a Monday.

Day 6 ↓

I highly value my self-care. It’s safe to say most do. To me → self care is about indulging sometimes and balancing all those other times. When I crave something, I go for it. Like a second, third, maybe even fourth (don’t tell Tina) cup of coffee.

Day 7 ↓

There is no stopping me now! Since I’ve been drinking Bulletproof Coffee — in addition, using their ghee and brain octane oil — life has been a notch more productive. Thank you! They also have a ton of variety of products online and in stores so be sure to check them out. These are the changes I’ve noticed — and love:

  • My energy is distributed more evenly throughout the day instead of the usual coffee peak hour.
  • It’s easier to wake up in the mornings.
  • I’ve been craving healthier foods and slightly eating less throughout my days.

And best believe I’m → Hooked. Feeling Bulletproof.