Why I get Fit with Go Schvitz

Why I get Fit with Go Schvitz

I’ve been on a take-a-fitness-class groove lately — I love the experience and what it does for my body. Mixing in a variety of workout experiences can help you maximize the effectiveness of your effort and there’s no time to start like the present. This is why I Go Schvitz! (translation: go sweat) An awesome combination of dance, weight training, cardio, and fun. Best of all, it’s always switching up so different parts of my body get to feel the burn.

In light of the holiday cheer — Vivianne is offering her next class for FREE on December 30th! Details below (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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Instructor and my doost Vivianne Schreter founded Go Schvitz! She is really present with what she’s teaching and finds a way to connect with each individual in the class.

Fellow classmate and yogi teacher Yamit Sasson told me:

It’s a fun interaction between yoga and dance, this class adds weight training, and as a instructor, it’s really great to see how that’s defined in a class. Go Schvitz also has spiritual elements to benefit your body and mind — Vivianne incorporated elements that affected me — it was fun and appealing!

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Get the word straight from the fitness Go Schvitz guru herself, Vivianne shares her inspiration, insights, and more:

1. How would you describe your class? 

A Go Schvitz class is an intense, yet liberating 55-minute workout with just the right mix of aerobic activity and interval training. Exercises alternate between cardio and body-weight resistance training, barre-like movements (without the barre!), and what I call ‘mini dance fitness breaks,’ as well as yoga, stretching and meditation-in-motion to refuel your drive. Aside from a more toned physique and a healthier skin glow (sweat equals better skin!), the results are improved cardiovascular health, circulation, strength, endurance, flexibility, and emotional well-being. Music is key too of course. Every track is thoughtfully selected to go with movements in a way that makes sense and is motivating to the body and the mind. Students really love knowing that an exercise is only as long as the duration of the song. This really pushes them to go all out until the song ends.


2. What inspired you to launch Go Schvitz? 

Since I love taking different fitness classes, I’m always comparing them and thinking of ways I would try to improve them. I then realized that I’ve been on a constant search for a workout that was challenging, yet fun, and that left me feeling energized, fluid and light, instead of exhausted, stiff and weighed down. I couldn’t find it, so eventually I just went for it and created Go Schvitz!

go shvitz, doost, what the doost, fitness, vivienne schreterI truly believe that moving and sweating hard is like scraping off the mud that’s weighing us down. From there, “sweat to let go” naturally became the Go Schvitz anthem. My goal is to have you leaving class feeling light, clearheaded and energized, and with the sensation that you are walking on air.

The brief meditation part of the class has also been a driving force for developing Go Schvitz. I unexpectedly had a meditative experience one day, and quickly realized that the effect of the meditation is actually what defines the action as meditative. We don’t need to sit still and be silent to meditate, reflect, set intentions, or whatever you want to call it. This is how I have come to infuse light meditative aspects into the class. I think the benefit is that you don’t feel like you’re meditating in the traditional sense, therefore you don’t resist it. And boom! – all of a sudden you feel something, and you’re like – “what just happened?!…that felt good, I want more!”

3. Which fitness elements inspire you the most? In your experience, what are the top 3 important fitness rules to follow?

Inspiring fitness elements:

  • Pushing yourself beyond what you think you are capable of and coming out stronger – physically and mentally – is really empowering.
  • The group atmosphere and bonding that naturally occurs from the shared experience of – “you’re sweaty, I’m sweaty…we just made crazy embarrassing faces and sounds getting through this workout, but who cares!”
  • It’s a chance to disconnect from the computer screen, phone, responsibilities, and not think! And listening to good loud music is always an upper!

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Rules to follow:

  • It’s great to experience new workouts with the latest props and machines, but it’s always a good bet to get comfortable with calisthenics! This way, you can take your workout with you anywhere you go! Calisthenics are exercises using only body weight for resistance, like jumping jacks, squats, or pushups for example.
  • You shouldn’t always just do cardio. Building strength is important too, and vice versa. This goes along with mixing it up with different exercises so that you don’t plateau, get bored, and more importantly, don’t injure yourself from overuse.
  • Listen to your body. Though it’s great to push yourself, be smart about it. If your ankle is sore from the high heels you wore last night, maybe don’t push yourself as hard as you normally would during heel raises in class the next morning. You should tell the instructor if you have any injuries, but ultimately, it’s your body and you know it best.

4. What message do you have for your current students? What message do you have for your soon-to-be students?

I would tell both my current and soon-to-be students that getting to class is already half the battle, so congratulate yourselves on making it out! Then try to be present once you get there and give it your all. I would also say to try to let go more. No one’s watching you, no one really cares if you’re huffing and puffing during abs, or if you’re smiling really big during the meditation.


My current students already hear me say this, so for my soon-to-be students I would add that once you begin to work and stretch your body in my class, you will end up stretching your mind and heart too.


5. Would you mind sharing your top 4 favorite songs from your awesome playlist with our readers?

One of my favorite things about Go Schvitz is that I get to develop exercises suited to specific songs, so I love this question!

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In no particular order – they are like my (imaginary!) children:

1-Two Step, by Dave Matthews: because it’s unexpected, yet perfect for the burpies and plank series

2- Shake Señora remix, by Pitbull: because the beat is so much fun for the cardio dance break, and it’s a fresh take on an oldie but goodie

3- Dancing On My Own, by Robyn: because it’s so motivating during the butt lifts, and the beat shifts go so well with the varying exercise tempos

4-One Day, by Matisyahu: because it’s so chill for the end-of-class stretch and reflection, and it has a good message too

Vivianne is an extraordinary soul who’s built herself up with others — a rare gem to find in our lifetime. She’s taken a handful of her hobbies/skills and turned them into ways to contribute to the goodness of the world. Go Schvitz is a combination of fun and whats good for you. I’m not a fitness lover — I need to be tricked into it with fun beats, instructions, and an environment — which is what Go Schvitz provides!

Want to try? Her next class — Wednesday December 30: 6:30 PM – 7:25 PM — is FREE!!! Check out Vivianne’s Go Schvitz Signature Class – Total Mind Body Remix @ the new Athleta studio in Flatiron: 126 Fifth Avenue (at 18th St.) You can sign up through the Athleta website for Dec 30, Jan 7, 14, 21 and 28. All classes are free at Athleta! Act fast — space is limited ♡

Contact Vivianne for private individual and group classes: viv@goschvitz.com.