When Tech Met Fashion ║ #tbt TechStyle NYC for NYFW SS16

When Tech Met Fashion ║ #tbt TechStyle NYC for NYFW SS16

Although NYFW SS16 has come to an end the trendsetting, styles, and the art of fashion continues! One of the most enjoyable things to see are the ways millennials are integrating tech and fashion into more than just entertainment but a lifestyle. During NYFW, blogger Jill Firns from Stilettos on Sunday Morning and I were invited to TechStyle NYC where we got to get fashionably tech!

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We love TechStyle NYC ♡

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I was able to introduce Jill to some of my favorites like Lynette Lovelace from Lifetherapy, Marc Brodeur founder Brode Electrolyte Vitamins, Janine from Janine Just Inc., and met soooo many wonderful more.

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We even tried out the Thync — This little white patch releases the energy and mood you want. Whether it’s to be calm or energized, it’s insta-calm or insta-energy in minutes. I was skeptical but really enjoyed the experience and was amazed at the results! It was everything it said to be and more … to think of it, I wish I had one to use right about now.

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One of my favorites was the AmsterDAM Good Cookies — a cookie snack so good I could sing R&B songs to it


They even treated us with some ice cold brewed coffee from Kopi Trading Co. I enjoyed mine the next day with my cashew milk from Pure Green.


Thanks again TechStyle NYC!!