Sunset Rooftop Yoga with Dina Ivas

Sunset Rooftop Yoga with Dina Ivas

I’m a fan of yoga especially when it’s done on rooftops overlooking Manhattan with Dina Ivas ♡ This week we were invited by the lovely yoga instructor Dina to partake in Sunset Rooftop Yoga & Happy Hour Series at Z NYC Hotel.

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My mission is to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone.  I strive to inspire students to go beyond their perceived limits, while maintaining calm breathing, safe alignment, and a smile.  My teaching philosophy is simple: “Breathe.  Play.  Grow.”  I encourage my students to explore on their yoga mat without any judgment.
— Dina Ivas
dina ivas, wtd, doost, rooftop, yoga, manhattan , queens
The rooftop vibes made me feel more connected to Mother Nature — I felt calm gazing at the blue skies and I felt inspired looking at the purple sunset. Dina would make great references and talk yoga the way I understand.
The practice of yoga is powerful, but most of the analogies I hear in class aren’t things I can connect with, so it’s very refreshing to hear “extend your arm and reach for the Chrysler building!” And that I did!




Dina teaches all over the city and you can find her next class here! Or if you’re interested in taking this class the info is below:

Where:  Z NYC Hotel 11-01 43 Avenue, Long Island City, Queens

When: July 27th, August 10th, 24th, and 31st, 7:30pm-9:30pm, weather permitting.  There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Price:  $35 (Includes 1-hour yoga class and 1-hour happy hour drinks and snacks.)

Reservations:  Space is very limited. Please reserve your spot in advance calling 212.319.7000 and ask for Reservations.

dina ivas, wtd, doost, rooftop, yoga, manhattan , queens