3 Super Easy Food Hacks ║ More Delicious & Less Dishes

3 Super Easy Food Hacks ║ More Delicious & Less Dishes

In light of the midweek, our love for food, and everything efficient — HAPPY WEDNESDAY — let’s celebrate ways to make our eating habits easier & more delicious using less dishes with these 3 food hacks:

➀ The Grilled Cheese ✔

For starters — Turn your toaster sideways for a sizzling Grilled Cheese without all the hassle of standing over the stove! This will simplify your schedule and result in LESS DISHES to wash ツ yay food!


➁ The Perfect Pancakes ✔

Again — make your food experince more efficient with less dishes to wash. Extra bonus with this one is that your pancake shape will be PERFECTION! Just make sure to thoroughly clean your bottle before inserting the pancake batter.


➂ The Most Personalized Ice Cream Sandwich ✔

This means YOU pick the COOKIE — YOU pick the ice cream flavor and brand — then follow these quick instructions (see image below) for the most personalized ice cream sandwich you could ever get.

All you need is a carton of ice cream, cookies, and a knife! The size is up to YOU — Slice the ice cream carton (1-2 inches thick) and place the piece between two cookies. Peel away the carton wrapper and serve! (pro-tip: cut the ice cream in quarters for Chips Ahoy sized cookies.



Enjoy, my doosts ツ