Visual Inspirations ║ Fresh Mind Fresh Day on Tumblr

Visual Inspirations ║ Fresh Mind Fresh Day on Tumblr

These days I’m all about finding visual inspirations on tumblr ♡ there are some profiles I could get lost in and this morning I was all about Fresh Mind Fresh Day. One of the greatest things about tumblr is that each user gets to create this page that is so unique to themselves yet identifiable for others — and I love that links are included so if I wish to further look into something I have the option to.

Inspiration lives all around us, from the most beautiful of places to the harshest. Here are some of mine — where do you find yours?

Whether it’s through food, colors, fashion, scenery, or words worth sharing — my inspiration lurks in so many places — even in shadows, corners, trash, and in the strangers I pass throughout my day.

I hope you embrace & love every moment of it!

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…these pictures are all by Fresh Mind Fresh Day’s tumblr page…

Happy Monday!