Dubai ║ A Quick Travel Guide

Dubai ║ A Quick Travel Guide

Dubai is a magically city inside of a desert. This can be easily seen when you go to the top of the Burj Khalifa! The view is astonishing. You will see that the desert surrounds the city ~Pure magic~ A thousand times better than what you’d see in Vegas. Dubai is a fun trip to take with friends in a small group, you’ll have the best memories together.

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Their money is UAE Dirhams, which is lower than the dollar, but it doesn’t mean that everything is cheap. Tip: Change money at the banks or the airport.

Tip: The best place to stay is in downtown Dubai. This is where all of the beautiful hotels are located, where the big fountain show is, and where all the cool places are located.

dubai, traveling tips, doost, yekta

Like all trips, I recommend jumping on the Dubai Big Bus, similar to the Hop On/Off buses this one is way longer and can be a one-day event.


Shop & Eat:

The Dubai Mall, any Souks, and The Emirates Mall.

dubai, traveling tips, doost, yekta


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Do These Things:

See the fountain show. If you’ve been to Vegas this is way better than the Venetian’s show.

Ride a camel. No pun intended, but do it! There are safari companies that pick you up and take you around the Arabian Desert.

dubai, traveling tips, doost, yekta

Check out The Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium at The Dubai Mall.

Rent ski gear and go skiing at The Emirates Mall.

Bring With You:

A bathing suit, lots of hotels have pools and you’ll want to take a dip in the water after a day in the heat.

A hat and sunscreen – the sun is super hot and heavy!

Comfy walking shoes and a very chic bag to walk around with – after all you’re in Dubai and people are very nicely dressed!

If you do a desert safari, comfortable walking shoes because you’ll get sand all inside your tennis shoes – and bug spray, the mosquitoes and ants bite hard on ankles!

Dubai Travel Fashion Tips


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