Street Style NYC ║ April Edition

It was a balmy Saturday, and I was on my way to a Mets game from Harlem. On my way I captured actress Yevgeniya (aka Yevi) looking rad as all get-out in Batman marvel leggings, a jersey tee and a Miami Heat cap.

This Power Ginger says the following on what inspires her personal style:

Miami culture + my quirkiness + an affinity for bright colors/textures and classic silhouettes = my personal style. Most importantly, I wear what makes me feel happy.

–Yevgeniya. On Instagram @yevkats

 Sunday was a windy day in the 50’s.

It was a good thing I hadn’t hubristically thrown out my coats on Saturday. I ran into Jim and Valerie in Williamsburg.

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Jim and Valerie

Jim’s T-shirt and button-less cardigan are from designer Daniel Rainn, and also were hand-me-downs from a friend. His Vans were from Urban Outfitters.

 If you’re hustling don’t be afraid to wear hand-me- downs.

Valerie’s sunglass frames were her dad’s old eyeglass frames, and she gets tons of compliments on her mom’s old Louis Vuitton purse. Her dress and jacket are vintage Calvin Klein, and her shoes are vintage Doc Martens. I asked her if she had any advice for people exploring their style, and she said:

Look to your family!

I continued on to Prospect Park.  Despite being embarrassed at how they matched (unintentionally, they assured me), photographer/filmmaker Harry and his actor boyfriend James allowed me to document them grilling bacon.

A couple of Harry’s style inspirations are sailors and the movie The Warriors. One of James’ inspirations is A Single Man, the Tom Ford movie.


Harry (on Instagram @hvrrysheehan) and James (also on Instagram @jamesdamnevans)

The next day it rained, but a couple very stylish ladies brightened the world around them.

I ran into Pacha in Nolita.

IMG_5161 (1)

Pacha bought her vintage raincoat but altered it herself. She loves to reuse and alter materials. That said, she told me laughingly that her pants and shoes are from Zara.

She wore beautiful rings made by the Colombian designer Paula Mendoza.

Pacha’s advice was to:

Explore — go to markets, vintage shops, find pieces that are going to be timeless, that have quality.


In Chelsea I ran into Grace, who was, dare I say, full of grace.

She proudly informed me that she was 81 years old, and had no email address. When I asked her if she had any fashion advice, she looked confused as to why I would even ask, and responded:

What? No! Wear what you want!

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